Orangutans were dying of LONELINESS, then these BANDITS were planted with them! That’s what HAPPENED next!


We have often seen how our dogs greet us when we meet him at the end of a long day, simply because he misses the human touch as much we miss our fur babies.

Likewise, most animals require love and attention or they start to feel lonely, even depressed.

In this video, you will watch these adorable orangutans befriended with otters. An interspecies friendship is very entertaining to watch as lots of such cases have been reported and documented showing how animals of different species communicate and enjoy the company of each other.

These orangutans living in a zoo in France had started feeling depressed as visitors stopped coming to the zoo due to Covid19 Pandemic. Slowly, they were losing their appetite and stayed hidden inside their cave all day long.

The life of orangutans was noticeably miserable and the caretakers were very worried about it. As a remedy, the zookeeper came up with an excellent idea. He created an artificial river connecting the habitat of these primates and introduced otters to their enclosure.

Surprisingly, these two species started to love each other’s company. Watch this video below and let us know how you felt when these sad orangutans started playing again with these mischievous otters.