Brave stray mother dog jumping into floodwater to save her stranded puppy. Watch the incredible moment


A dog made an incredibly selfless act and risked his life to save one of his cubs after after the little one got stranded by a flood. The heroic scene was recorded by the camera, the video was spread when people called it «an extraordinary force of motherly love».

China’s Sichuan province has been hit by several devastating floods after torrential rains in the region. Due to heavy rains, the Min River overflowed its banks and swamped dozens of houses in the town of Meyshan. But not only people were affected by the flood, but also animals. Among them is the mother dog and her five cubs.

When the water rose rapidly, the poor mother dog and her children did not have time to react. The floodwaters engulfed their shelter, and within seconds they were all flooded. Thanks to a dedicated local, the dog and his four cubs were taken to safety. The man intended to return to the fifth puppy, but if the water rose rapidly, it would be extremely dangerous. But not for his mother.

As soon as the caring dog noticed that one of his little ones was missing, he immediately hurried to the river, jumped in without a second thought, and swam closer to his puppy. Fortunately, she managed to reach the child and successfully bring him ashore.

Everyone there, including locals and rescuers, was speechless with the mother dog’s courage, and as soon as she and her puppy returned safely, everyone cheered and applauded.

You can watch the incredible moment here.