The dog rescues the girl when the aggressor tried to harm her. A very touching story


Many dog stories inspire us. They teach us that a person’s best friend demonstrates solidarity and loyalty in exciting ways. In fact, many dogs have given their lives

Another fantastic dog story took place in the Chilean city of Punta Arenas. The dog’s name in this story is unknown. The dog was owned by an 8-year-old girl who had a very close relationship with the animal. One morning the girl’s mother left the house to take the girl’s younger brother to kindergarten.

So the little girl was left alone at home.
A man who was chasing the girl took advantage of the situation and the doorbell rang. He tried to sexually assault the girl, who could hardly defend herself.

The dog jumped furiously on the aggressor, who soon surrendered and ran away. When the little girl’s mother returned, she told him what had happened. Immediately after that, the police arrived and were able to find traces of the pedophile’s man. That’s why they were able to identify and capture the aggressor.