Gorilla brings her baby to meet mom and newborn in adorable footage


This is the heartwarming moment when the gorilla and woman is strongly connected with their newborn children.

Motherly love is certainly the strongest love on Earth and this beautiful moment is the perfect proof.

When Michael Austin and his wife, Emily, and their newborn baby decided to visit the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, they never thought they would experience one of the most exciting encounters of a human’s wildlife.

«When I entered the zoo that day, I could never have imagined that we would have this experience,» said Emily.

As they approached Kiki’s cabin, they had considerable experience.

The young family noticed the gorilla with her 7-month-old son, so they stopped for a moment.

It was not long before Kiki and her little baby approached their visitor, but what happened next is beyond imagination.

«My woman raised our son to show Kiki,» Michael told THE DODO.

«Then the gorilla grabbed Pablo and put him on his feet to carry him over to us.”

Then the two mothers had this magical interaction that lasted a few minutes. And all this time they seem to speak the same language.

It was a really special and intense connection. Michael «recorded» that moment on his cell phone, «the video was spread swiftly

«It was one of the most wonderful experiences of all time,» recalls Michael. «Kiki was talking to us with her hands.

Pablo even pushed his face against the glass for a moment, and they looked at him together, touching his nose.

My wife and I had tears in our eyes. ”

Watch the beautiful moment here: